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Our vision is to promote a safe community where every grandfather gets to hold his new grandson, every mother gets to see her daughter get married and every person gets to celebrate their 100th birthday.

Did you know?
  • There is about one death every minute in the U.S due to cardiac arrest.
  • Between 350,000 and 450,000 citizens die of cardiac arrests outside of hospitals each year.
  • Surviving cardiac arrest depends on many factors, including CPR and AED availability.
  • Chances of survival increase 2 to 3 times when CPR and an AED are available.
  • CPR by a trained bystander increases the chances that the AED will work.

50/50 Challenge

You can help us meet our goal to reduce deaths caused by cardiac arrest in our community. Take the "50/50 challenge" and become a Springfield Community LifeSave organization. Organizations that provide CPR training for 50% or 50 employees will be officially recognized by Springfield City Council Members as a Springfield Community LifeSave organization. You will receive a certificate and window decal showing your accomplishment, so all who enter your business know they are safer there.

But that's not all. Organizations are also encouraged to go one step further toward making our community safer, by providing CPR training and at least one automated external defibrillator or AED on the premises. These organizations will be officially recognized as a Springfield Community LifeSave PLUS organization. Your certificate and window decal will reflect the extra efforts you have made to protect your employees, customers and our community.

For more information on where to find CPR training and how to get an AED, call the Springfield Community LifeSave Hotline at (417) 864-1010.

Community LifeSave Organizations
  • The Bank of Missouri
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • The Bodysmith
  • City of Springfield
  • City Utilities
  • CNH Reman
  • Crosslines
  • DermaHealth
  • Discovery Center
  • Glendale Christian Church
  • Midwest Technical Institute
  • Paul Mueller Co
  • Peapod Learning Center
  • Planet Fitness
  • Rick's Automotive
  • Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Summit Hot Yoga
  • Title Boxing Club
  • Wilson's Creek National Battlefield
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